Aline Bernardes Bikini Booty Leads a Tour of the New Brazilian World Cup Stadium

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While not everybody in Brazil is seemingly happy about the financial situation regarding the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil, soccer fans and fans of hot Brazilian women with major league booties are reveling in the pending festivities. I'd count myself in both those camps. And to get us started an entire year early, Brazilian bombshell brunette model Aline Bernardes has slipped into something a little more comfortable, a tiny booty-baring bikini, to give a quick sneak peek at the half-built main World Cup stadium.

Now, I know you're not supposed to use your hands in the sport of soccer, but staring at Aline and that bodacious dumper of hers, well, I'm inclined to commit a few flagrant fouls upon myself in or around the nets. I can not wait for Brazil 2014. The Egotastic! Winnebago is already gassed up and ready to go. Enjoy.

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