Barbi Benton Nekkid to Celebrate The Return of the $1 Playboy Plus Special

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Coinciding with a recent letter from one  of readers insisting that Barbi Benton is the original Hebrew School Hottie, our friends at Playboy Plus have reinstated their $1 Sign Up special for entry into their massive archive of all things celebrity model nekkid throughout the Playboy history.

Barbi Benton was a Jewish girl from New York who somehow made her way in country music and a recurring role on Hee Haw, and, more importantly, onto both The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. And thanks to being Hef's main young squeeze throughout much of the 70's, she was also within the pages of Playboy magazine four times. Many of our silver haired readers hold Barbi dear from their formative years, sneaking her photos underneath their beds and waiting for lights out and hoping their flashlights still had working batteries. She is one rather attractive girl.

Soak up some mammary memories with Barbi Benton and do check out the $1 Sign Up special from Playboy Plus. It's a rather outstanding deal. Enjoy.

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