Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Are Pink Asstastic Perfection

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Oh, Claudia Romani, how you tease so without really even trying. It might be all in my head, but I can't help but feel Claudia is prancing about the beaches of Miami in her bright little bikinis to cause just a little bit of distress to the gentleman oglers. Even if it is the kind of distress we normally have to pay for in club's named after some guy named "Big Jim' or "Johnny".

You well know by now I'm still waiting work from Claudia's killer tush on ny marriage proposal, as well as a ruling from the court as to the validity of a man marrying a hot woman's keester. Some call it distasteful heresy, I call it a more than valid expression of overwhelming lust that ought to be perfectly legal. It's actually beautiful. Enjoy.

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