Coco Bikini Pictures for Asstastic Poolside Treats

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When first you come upon the mighty curvaceous form of Coco in a tiny bikini, you might find yourself like a mountain climber before a mighty peak wondering just how to tackled the climb. This type of physical conquest requires planning, strategy, and lots of ropes and harnesses. I'm not long on strategy, but I do keep a lot of rope line in the trunk of my car. Don't ask.

I also wonder how it is Coco finds bikinis that fit her, or don't fit her, properly. I imagine you can't just go off the rack to fit that rack. And that booty, well, there can't be regular sized bottoms expected to even remotely modestly protect those twin caged tiger cheeks. These are the things I wonder. It's my job. Yours is just to enjoy.

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