Coco's Loco Oily Bottom, Nicki Minaj Handbra, and Nina Agdal Bikini Pics Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

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The first Sextastic Twitpic Roundup of summer was certain to be a doozy. Every hot girl in attention-town knows that when the warm weather is upon us, it's time to step up the game as even the civilians are going to be running around in skimpy outfits. Lots of competition for the hearts and minds and eyeballs of men-kind. And step it up they do this week.

This week's Roundup includes Coco baring several small European nation sized amounts of tanning skin, Nicki Minaj barely covered udders, Nina Agdalhappy as a clam in various personal bikini pictures, Rita Ora getting vacation showy, Bar Refaeli flashing her day job bikini shot, Elizabeth Gillies underrated cleavetastic and so much more. You owe it to your favorite NFL star behind bars to check out each and every one of these amazingly hot selfies. Enjoy.

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