Doutzen Kroes Covered Topless and Uncovered Sextastic in Vogue Brazil

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Wow, as if my lust curve for Doutzen Kroes could rise much higher. Inflate if you will. Now the formerly forgotten Victoria's Secret Angel is growing ever more sextastic in her new pictorial for Vogue Brazil. It's a breath-stealer and eye-popper and an all-around all-over smile inducer, if you happen to lust ridiculously hot girls in feline covered topless poses.

I've made it my mission to put Doutzen Kroes name on the tip of every gentleman oglers tongue. I know, not entirely what you wish were placed there in relation to Doutzen, but I'm just the guy who fires the starting gun, you need to run the race for yourself. And, as ever, enjoy.

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