Edita Vilkeviciute Flashing Topless Wonderment for Vogue

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If there's two things people mock me for the most, it's my extensive women's magazine subscriptions and my belief that someday the world class blonde beauty Edita Vilkeviciute will agree to be my first of three short-term wives. But I have a little secret weapon in my arsenal. It's called hope. That doesn't cover the magazine subscriptions. Those I have to pay for with my Diner's Club card. But the knowledge that someday Edita will be Mrs. Egotastic! for about 17 months before our inevitably ugly divorce, that I just see in my mind's eye. The power of positive fantasizing.

My two main sources of mockery combined today as Edita appears in yet another passion-inducing photo set for Vogue France, flashing a little topless goodness and just some all-over hotness, reminding me again why I'd break my vows of bachelorhood for our one-week honeymoon exploring the steak houses of Omaha, not to mention each other. Edita, call me, now, seriously, I want a summer wedding. Enjoy.

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