Emily Ratajkowski Nekkid and Simply Perfect in Both Black and White

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You know well the building, bubbling, and all around volcanic type lust appreciation we have for Emily Ratajkowski, the iCarly actress turned ridiculously hot and steamy unclad model of the past two years. Not only have we taken the time to learn how to pronounce Emily's last name, we've tattooed images of her all over our expressly private body parts in the hope that one day we can use the line, 'Would  you like to see yourself in my mirror?'.  Yeah, that's not actually going to work.

Emily's latest nekkid work appears in Simply magazine, in a shoot by Chris Heads, where the wicked brunette with a body literally to die for (at least, I'd kill any one of you for five minutes alone time with Emily) shows that hoodies actually can be sextastic on girls, if applied in the proper manner. And, this improper manner is more than proper. Man, that body is just dynamite. Literally, you will explode upon contact. Enjoy.

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