Farrah Abraham Topless Bikini Pictures For Your Exclusive Teen Mom Summer Visuals

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Well, we might have reached to the close to the sun in trying to show you Kate Upton topless this week, but I'll be damned if I'm sending you away this weekend without some completely bare topped exclusive celebrity boobs.

EnterFarrah Abraham. Teen Mom. You may have heard of her from such epic films as Backdoor Teen Mom and... well, that's it so far. But you know the train has left that station and will be making many stops. But, today, on Egotastic!, that stop involves some completely revealing views of Farrah's bodacious new funbags. Think of them as bumpers to bounce off of into your weekend. Or, you know, think of them in some more traditionally naughty manner. Your choice. I'm just your humble servant. Enjoy.

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