Humpday Huzzah! Sammy Braddy Topless Boudoir Screencaps Bring Her Mighty Bombshells Into Range

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Well, you made it to the halfway mark of the work week. The central point between start and finish of another slog through the required tasks in life. And, for such a monumental, if often overlooked, accomplishment, we reward you with some fine and often larger than life pair of some of the finest mammaries in the world.

Todays hooters o' plenty come courtesy of the often overlooked herself, bodaciously chested brunette hottie, Sammy Braddy. A girl for whom when dressed in a tight sweater, you'd not only open the door, but you'd also empty your bank account and beg her to spank you like your mommy did when you were naughty. Maybe I'm personalizing that a bit. Still, Sammy Braddy has a number of undeniable talents, two of which are on display in these fine stills from her teasy bedroom videoshoot.

These may not have been painted by a master, but they're a masterpiece all the same. Huzzah!

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