January Jones Topless Sweet Treats Flashed Historically in Sweetwater (VIDEO)

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Yet to hit the theaters in the U.S., but the Western drama Sweetwater is already bound to be your single favorite cowbody flick since your last favorite cowboy flick thanks to January Jones being quite topless in what will surely become a legendary Mr. Skin clip for eons to come.

I don't want to give too much away, but January Jones is a 19th century something or other somewhere and two cowboys set upon her with a mind toward non-consentual lovemaking when January turns and comes upon them with a gun. Hint: the would be un-gentlemanly type do not come out on top. But we the audience do, for the tops of January Jones are spectacularly bare and I feel myself reaching for my own six-shooter (okay, that's bragging, and not close to true).

Betty Draper topless to open up a Monday -- the stars are truly aligned this morning. Enjoy.

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