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Jenny McCarthy Is Pimping Salads for Carl's Jr.; Let's Look at Her Nekkid

Oh, man, my favorite game ever is back. Wherein we look at some celebrity doing something completely innocuous (or occasionally, obnoxious), then we check them out in their fully nekkid and ridiculously hot Playboy pictorials from today or yesteryear, mostly to remind ourselves why we care so much in the first place.

Today we sneak delicious peeks at Jenny McCarthy, in the news today with word that she's the new Carl's Jr. spokesgirl, this time for their Apple Walnut and Other Things Salad. I'm not sure Jenny McCarthy and her westside model mommy posse rolls up to Carl's Jr. all that often for salads, but let's take a look at her honestly ridiculously hot Playmate spread from almost two decades ago now on Playboy Plus. It is just sinister how alluring Jenny was back in her breakthrough days. I would have committed to a life of fast-food salads back then had she named it as the price for one evening of blonde bombshell no-holds-barred passion.

While you're at it, do not forget to sign up for the countless hours of tugging fun you can have on Playboy Plus under their $1 only signup special. That's not just special, that's smart. Don't forget the lotion.

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