Jessica Biel Blessedly Booty-Ful Walking Dogs in Stretch Pants

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Oh, thank you, once more, inventor of stretch pants. Both the man or woman who scientifically composited such a sheer material. And the people behind the female fashion industry who blessedly transformed these thin booty-hugging leggings into an acceptable form of dress for women out in public. Granted, there are the occasional blips in this strategy. Yes, I said blips, not blimps. But, when Jessica Biel comes along in a butt-shape baring dog walk, all is forgiven and stretch pants once again regain their exalted rank.

We haven't seen much of Jessica Biel since the wedding to Justin Timberlake. He seems to be traveling the globe. She seems to be home alone with the dogs. Lonely. Wanting. Needy. Ahem. Enjoy.

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