Jodie Gasson Topless Pictures for Thongtastic Feelings All Over

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I'm looking at Jodie Gasson and I can't help but feel she's trying to tell me something. Maybe I'm reading into it too much, but I'm hearing voices coming from her raised buttockal region and they're warm and inviting and whispering general pleasantries. That's the thing about a girl as hot and as willing to show off as Jodie and her perfect jugs. They speak to you in so many different ways.

One day I'd like to go to school and learn that language so I can talk back. It's on my list right after communicating with dolphins, though that I can easily push aside for a chance for a little back and forth dialogue with Jodie's derriere. Just ever so curvy and fine all over. Seeing Jodie always makes me smile. Enjoy.

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