Kara Young Nipple Pokes For a Much Belated Egotastic! Entry

You may recall Kara Young as the former S.I. Swimsuit girl and all-around supermodel babe from the late 80's, who later on dated Donald Trump, but then went on to marry another billionaire a few years back who took her away from all of her modeling ways. Sad really. But Kara went dark before the birth of Egotastic!, hence why her sweet sextastic form never has graced these pages before until now. And she seems quite excited to be here.

The former model now into her 40's we'd have to guess had her headlights on high beam for a stroll in New York's late spring weather, looking rather happy to still be looking so hot. And we are happy for her and her and her nipples long overdue introduction. Enjoy.

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