Karina Jelinek Bikini Booty Verges on Buttockal Perfection

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Our foray down the Pan-American highway to the very Southern tip of our conjoined American continents has borne so much hotness fruit, we make it an annual virtual visit. And in a blessed bit of sextastic reciprocation, the hotties from down Sudamericana way are now making their ways to our own local shores. Like Argentinean en fuego model and TV personality, Karina Jelinek, currently vacationing in Miami and fully flaunting one perfect bit of butt cleave from beneath a tiny bikini bottom.

I'm not saying there isn't a great deal of asstastic perfection within our own shores, but I am saying, for sure, the more the merrier. My dream of drowning in a sea of hot female oiled down booties lives on. Enjoy.

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