Kelly Andrews Topless Pink Thong Majesty for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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Everyday of the week is a celebration of the faptastic boobtastic here on Egotastic, but on Tuesdays, well, I like to think it's just a bit more special. A day to highlight the wondrous peaches on some of the girls we dream about late into the evening, well into the morning, and pretty much here at work all afternoon. Extremely sextastic female forms like Kelly Andrews, who does us the honor of removing her cut-out white dress and stripping down to just her rather alluring pink panties for a hot body show of Ta-Ta-Tuesdays proportions.

In a perfect world, Kelly is stripping right there for you in the office or abode. But, like you, I'm still waiting patiently on that world to exist. For now, I shall take my virtual grabs and stabs and the delightful sight of one amazingly bodacious woman stripping down to her skivvies. Enjoy.

(For all your Kelly Andrews hotness needs, be sure to visit the official Kelly Andrews modeling site.)

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