Kendall Jenner See-Through Top Shopping in N.Y.

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I'm guessing it must be nice to have a black AMEX and first class air travel when you're seventeen and feel like hitting New York for a little shopping trip. When I was seventeen all I had was an expired J.C. Penny's card I tried to use to get into bars. I wasn't sure of the logic, but it seemed to work about 40% of the time.

Still, I envy Kendall Jenner. At least, that's the only feeling I'm allowed to express publicly until Kendall turns eighteen in just a few short months. The younger, taller, hotter Kardashian sister decided to step out a bit, all grown up, see-through top, exposing her undergarment, which is pretty standard model fare when shopping the high end stores in Manhattan. I guess this means Kendall has arrived. Though until she arrives as a barely legal adult, it won't be quite as much fun. Enjoy.

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