Lizzi Piñánez Sucking Popsicles and Covered Topless for Sudamericana En Fuego

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Somebody out there knows of my love of Sudamericana naughty girls. Girls like Paraguayan model and notorious troublemaker in the press, Lizzi Pinanez, who adds the blessed benefit of sucking on a summer popsicle whilst barely covering her bodacious curvy wonderments in this wicked hot photoshoot.

Lizzi also seems to be friends with our primero favorite Paraguayan hottie model ever, Larissa Riquelme. Right now, I can't help but imagine the two of them being very close friends. In the locker room. After a soccer match they didn't play in. Culminating all the warm feelings they have for each other through shared interest in national fandom. What follows next I can't properly pen, as a gentleman, but suffice it to say, the beads of sweat dripping from those two entangled bodies are filled with enough hormones to make the floor pregnant. Girls like Lizzi do tend to inspire the imagination. Enjoy.

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