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Matilde Bonasera Topless for Sudamericana Scandal Sextastica

The only thing better than my favorite telenovelas may be the real life celebrity scandals in the Sudamericana heartlands we cover. Not that we don't have similar type celebrity bedroom scandals in these parts, they just somehow seem more fun when translated from a foreign language.

Enter Matilde Bonasera. Notoriously naughty Argentinean model and TV personality, who depending on who you believe, and how reasonably mediocre my Spanish language skills, may be shacking up with a famous Chilean musician's underage son. They've been spotted on camera making PDAs in public. And while we generally applaud the young men who can score such voluptuous nymphs as Matilde Bonasera, I guess the cradle robbing still has some serious gossip tail down Sudamericana way. Scandalous! Or not. Either way, you now get to see Matilde Bonasera topless in Maxim Argentina, something to consider while searching your feelings. Enjoy.

Take a look at one of Matilde's more profound TV talk show appearances in Argentina:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="600" height="450"></iframe>

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