Mellisa Clarke Topless Dazzler Behind the Scenes For Mammarial Mondays (VIDEO)

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I could have Mellisa Clarke on a boat on a plane on a train in a house with a mouse. I could have Mellisa Clarke anywhere and be quite content. Nay, more than content, fulfilled. I can't speak to what Mellisa's experience might be like, though I suspect if she's a really busy woman, she'll appreciate the expediency with which I express my natural love.

Featured recently in a rather brunette boobtastic photoshoot for Nuts magazine, we now get to peek behind the scenes on the set of the pictorial, where Mellisa proves once again that there's simply nothing hotter than the girl next door with, dare I saw, au natural perfect puppies. Watch those bad girls in motion and see if you don't agree with my complimentary review.

It's Monday, we're celebrating pert pairs. Come and join us. Enjoy.

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