Mellisa Clarke Topless Selfies Put Myself in a Super Happy Place

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Damn you, Mellisa Clarke. Stop topping yourself in awesomeness when you should be topping yourself in sugar cubes for our 'Who's Been a Good Horsey' role playing games. But, nay, Mellisa Clarke simply can not step getting hotter. And she knows it. It's why she can't stop taking photos of her own sweet self. And bless her decision making on that front.

In her latest round, Mellisa captures her own sweet gracious form in and out of a little blue dress. The kind of blue dress visual wonderment that could easily cause a man to go full Clinton in expression of his passion. Never go half-Clinton, that's just too painful. But, oh, that ridiculously hot body on Mellisa. That alluring brunette come hither thing she has going on. And shooting her own sextastic self? I need a moment. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out a ton more Mellisa Clarke on her official site.)

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