Miley Cyrus Goes Tongue and Asstastic on Jimmy Kimmel

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I'm sensing that the new Miley Cyrus 'shocking' motif includes a whole lot of her Pilates tightened bottom sneaking out out tight shorts and her tongue sticking out of her mouth in a semi-salacious sneer. The latter I think still needs a little work from the former Hannah Montana good girl, but as for the former, well, you know we respect the hard-worked Miley booty.

The latest stop in Miley's summer kick off  took place on Jimmy Kimmel where the Tennessee girl strutted about the stage, owning her performance like a true pop diva. That is to say, she still can't really sing, but nobody really cared. You can throw this gentleman ogler's hat into the ring on that count as well. I just like to look. Enjoy.

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