Rachel Korine Topless in 'Spring Breakers' Redux

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We got so worked up for Spring Breakers, a movie I ultimately did give a positive review, that when it was over we kind of just lost the discussion. Most of which was about who or who was not flashing their sweet bodies in that film, at least among the movie's main four female leads.

And while there was much bikini body hotness to take in from Selena Gomez, and some wicked sweet implied nekkidness and sex scenes with Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens (epic simulations), really only Rachel Korine, young wife of the film's director, ended up flashing her funbags. We never sort of brought some finality to all the long standing rumors. Now we have. And with a peek at Rachel's bare boobtastic in the movie. That's just how we roll. Enjoy.

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