READER FINDS: Gemma Arterton Topless, Daryl Hannah Nekkid, Jessica Chastain Topless, And Much Much More...

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Whenever the research comes to me showing how Egotastic! has the smartest audience of any celebrity site on the web, I shake my head knowingly, all cool like, and say, I know. Not like an ass, but cool. Then I cough like crazy on the cigarette I don't know how to smoke and give a wink and get back to my Candy Crush game. But it's true, I do know the acumen of our audience is high, which puts me in the position of counting on all of you for collaborating on content. The culmination of which occurs each Friday with our communally coagulated Reader Finds. It's not art and it's not science. It's arscience. And it's ever chocked full of hot celebrity skin.

This week's Reader Finds includes Gemma Arterton topless onscreen (thank you to EgoReader 'Dexy'), Dutch model and actress Sylvia Hoeks also topless onscreen (blessings from 'Ty'), Hayley Atwell sextastic in not one but two hot photoshoots (double billed by 'Roman'), Kat Dennings in a wicked smiley photoshoot (from 'KatFan' not surprisingly), Noelia Rios and friend naughty time fun time in Ale Santiago photoshoot (via 'Vonn'), Rosie Jones topless in a recent Nuts spread (all things Jonesy transmitted by 'Conan'), Jessica Chastain topless in Lawless (double funbaggery by 'Owen'), Lucy Pinder in not one but two naughty photographer topless dreams (another double shot of lust from 'Excelsior'), Swede hottie thespianic Noomi Rapace quite nekkid in film (tusen takk to 'Tomas' for this find), Sally Kellerman classic topless scene (dropped off at our door by 'Wayne'), Sigourney Weaver equally classic and equally topless (cinematically compiled by 'Glen'), Aida Yespica covered nekkid on the set of UnderSense (thanks to for this eponymous contribution), Daryl Hannah throwabck nekkindess (kudos to veteran contributor 'Pito'), and, last, but not the least bit least, Alison Brie nipple slip delicious (offered up by 'Drake'). It's two hands and a mouthful of sextastic skin. Enjoy.

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