Rosie Jones Topless Outtakes Warm My Cockles and Fill My Heart With Joy

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I'm not sure how it is that the ridiculously hot Rosie Jones and I have never turned our mutual passions into real life making of the sexy time. It could be that I'm misunderstanding the word 'mutual', but I take it to mean that my lust for Rosie Jones runs as deep as the oceans and she has yet to file a restraining order on my ass with Interpol. I assume we're all good.

Featured in blessed outtakes from our friends at Nuts magazine, the still young brunette glamour model extraordinaire once more employs some naughty night time lingerie to tease us to the point of mental, and if we can get the private time, physical, exhaustion. But most definitely the good kind of tired.

Oh, Rosie, thy body doth slay me. Enjoy.

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