Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil Is Topless Again (Viewer Discretion Advised)

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I'll say this for notorious tanning mom Patricia Krentcil, the kid's got gumption. After her first attempt to turn her fifteen minutes of infamy into a showbiz career in Hollywood, and, by showbiz career, I primarily mean adult entertainment, went completely South, I thought the old gal would pack up and head back to New Jersey. Ah, but no. The Tinsel Town bug runs stronger in some, like Patricia, who has opted for another round of topless beach photos to jumpstart her illustrious publicity strategy.

Now, I know many of you are saying, why, well, why, and WTF? Well, the fact is, I try not to do too much slotting and censoring of the famous people exposed on here. Barring some extreme circumstances, I've learned my lesson to overshare, rather than under-share, because somewhere out there is at least one guy calling in sick to work today and grabbing his jar of Intensive Care and heading for the basement because a second round of Tanning Mom topless photos just broke on Egotastic! Who am I to steal that man's dreams? Enjoy.

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