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Thank God It's Fathers! Alice Goodwin Topless Tributes Just for Dad

For all the love we give the ladies around here, this might be the once a year we celebrate, honor, and otherwise give a completely gratuitous shoutout to the men who bring home the bacon, or, at least, eat a ton of it. Sure, moms are much hotter and produce the next generation, but dads are there doing their part too. So on this Friday before Father's Day, why not give just the sires a little lust in their hearts, courtesy of the faptastic funbags of bodacious brunette, Alice Goodwin.

If Alice Goodwin doesn't get your motor cooking for a little reproduction action, I'm not sure what will. The busty Britty babe loves her some lacy lingerie, and, even more so, stripping out of it for your viewing pleasure. Or Dad's. On his day. He only gets once a year. If he can get a girl like Alice in the same timeframe, he'd be a very happy man. Just saying, tits are better than ties. TGIF!

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