Thank God It's Funbags! Emma Glover Topless Kitchen Treats Will Give You Quite an Appetite

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When I think of summer, I think of boobs. Big bold and beautiful knockers. I guess that association pretty much holds true for anything I think of, but especially in warm weather months I'm imagining boouncy flouncy boobtastic everywhere I look. Even in the kitchen. Where we find the extra delicious Emma Glover and her outrageously hot treats just staring right back at us.

I'm not sure everything Emma Glover is doing in the kitchen is up to health department snuff, but I'd surely still give her an 'A' rating were I the passing inspector. I can be easily bought. I wouldn't even need to lay out the terms, though it would surely involve a spatula and a meat thermometer. I know that doesn't make any sense. It's Friday and we're checking out sweet ripe melons. Just go with it. Thank God It's Funbags!

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