Topless Book Reading Deserves Literary Notice

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A few months back a delightful lady named A.A. asked me to pimp her topless women's recreational group in New York City. Just a bunch of gals who love reading in the cafes and parks quite topless. I balked because we don't really cover such amateur styling events. But, now, it's June and I'm feeling very summery and was thinking about warm weather in The Big Apple and came across these photos from over the weekend and...'s the thing. If you want to send me information and photos about your hot topless girl activities group, I'm making no promises it'll ever see the light of day. But it also can't hurt. I can be bought. Cheaply. Enjoy.

P.S. Topless bicyclist protestors also invaded London over the weekend. In case you want to see politically active girls on bikes.

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