Vanessa Lawrens Topless Frenchy Hotness in FHM

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I'm not sure if she's still she-banging soccer star Mario Balotelli or not. That guy has pretty much had a roster of supremely hot Euro-model girlfriends so it's hard to keep track. But as of last summer, French model (and singer! see below) Vanessa Lawrens was balling the Manchester City star and making an even bigger name for herself than you get just by being ridiculously sextastic, as she is.

But we care little for romantic concerns. And much more for topless wonderments, as Vanessa Lawrens puts on display this month in FHM France. Wow. I can see why the man who can everything would want a little something from her. Just quite the stunner. And, don't forget, super talented singer! (okay, you don't have to watch the craptastic Europop music video she made). Enjoy.

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