Yep, Big Brother Europe Still Kicking Our Ass With Big Bare Shower Time Funbags

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Forget all this competing on the world stage in education nonsense. As a nation, we will never be tops again until we figure out how to get bodacious bare boobs into our standard TV fare.

Yes, craptastic reality shows will always be banal and recycled and fake. But with the presence of some fabulous shower and bath and bedroom time funbags, they could become watchable. As they are in most of the rest of the world. Today, in Europe, where we sneak a peek at Amanda String on Denmark Big Brother and Annina Ucatis on Germany Big Brother, both showing us their big sisters. In Annina's case, her mighty big sisters. Suddenly, crap has been turned into gold. That's an impressive bit of alchemy our fair nation currently lacks.

Please, write your Congressperson or reality TV show producing neighbor. We need an upgrade badly. Enjoy.

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