Aline Bernardes Topless Sudamericana Promotions for the World Cup

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A couple weeks ago we saw hottie Brazilian model Aline Bernardes posing outside the under-construction soccer stadium serving as the host location for the upcoming 2014 World Cup. Now, we actually get to see her taking off her top to focus the attention of the world which awaits the biggest event in international sports every four years.

Featured in Sexy magazine, Aline Bernardes shows the precise recipe for what it would take to finally get soccer to become a relevant sport in the U.S. Hot, sextastic, topless women flashing their curves up and down the pitch. It's that simple. Until that time, the sport will always be seen as a low-scoring, plodding, back and forth affair with dudes not allowed to use their hands for no apparent reason. Add boobs, and you shoot past basketball. Just saying. Enjoy.

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