AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pictures Drop Some Hot Yellow Asstastic on Her 26th Birthday

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Some people just like to receive on their birthdays. During my own celebration last week, I demanded offerings from every single person in the room, including one young lady who slapped me across the face when I made my birthday request of her. I had that coming.

But not AnnaLynne McCord, slender showoff hottie from 90210. On her 26th birthday today AnnaLynne is giving. As in, an eyeful of her lean hot bikini body she does not mind sharing with the general viewing public. And why not. It's a very finely crafted work of female art, including a booty that when covered in a bikini body takes on the appearance of utter passion inducement. I feel like a hungry fish looking at floating bait. I'm happily hooked. Happy Birthday, AnnaLynne.

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