Beth Humphreys Topless Perfect Monumentals for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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When you hear the name 'Beth' you just automatically think of some virginal pure girl waiting at home for her boyfriend in her tight fuzzy sweater. Maybe it's the KISS song that forever sealed this. I'm not sure. But I am pretty certain that before Beth Humphreys sweet hot glamour modeling career is over, the next generation of young men might see 'Beth' as the hot topless nekkid girl hardly ever waiting at home, or for anybody.

Featured and exhibited in the latest issue of Nuts magazine, the outrageously bodacious and stunning Beth Humphreys lends her twin talents to a Ta-Ta-Tuesday celebration of all things soft and smooshy and round and delightful. Like pillows in heaven. Or how I imagine pillows in heaven to be. Just one crazy sextastic young lady with a body that men would certainly go to war to both defend and simultaneously pillage. Damn! Enjoy.

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