Charisma Carpenter Nekkid for Our Independence Day Playboy Plus Mega Special Offer

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No, we don't have to bring you the likes of former Buffy hottie Charisma Carpenter in her birthday suit to celebrate an 80% off membership special from Playboy Plus, but I'm assuming you're not going to complain about that. She really is one of the more under-appreciated in the sextastic celebrity class, despite having a body that deserves to be immortalized in bronze along some prominent public forum.

Get 80% off Playboy Plus membership to celebrate American Independence Day

While America takes a load off today in honor of its birthday. Why not take a load off, err, treat yourself or a friend to the entire vault of nekkid celebrities and models on Playboy Plus via this 4th of July special. Don't forget to blow out the candles. Enjoy.

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