Charlotte Springer Topless Pink Thong Stellar Striptease for Proper Introduction on a Mammarial Monday

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We got a ton of letters about Charlotte Springer, the off the charts Britty hottie who was featured alongside Jessica Davies in that naughty topless tennis playing pictorial a week ago. Mostly the letters read something slightly intelligible along the lines of 'Moar!' and 'Want!' and 'I write your in dear kindness from Nigeria'.

Clearly, you wanted more Charlotte Springer. And apparently, Charlotte Springer wanted more Charlotte Springer as she reveals her absolutely epic body stripping down to a mere pink thong. I've been staring at these photos with a catatonic like drool for the past twenty-nine minutes or so. I'm not sure I've actually breathed. Though I'm pretty certain I'm going to need to change my shorts.

Charlotte Springer topless goodness on a Monday? Oh, yes, mother please. Enjoy.

(For all your Charlotte Springer happy fun time needs visit the Official Charlotte Springer site.)

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