Colombian Hotties Getting Topless for the Soho Anniversary

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Just how clever are the folks at Soho magazine, purveyors of all things fine and female formed from down Colombia way? Well, in their latest bit of marketing genius they discovered it was their fourteenth anniversary and got four of the most sextastica models in Colombia in for a photoshoot to celebrate. I love a good ruse that involves women getting nekkid as much as the next man, so consider me a sucker for this kind of photographic ploy.

Say hello to Daisy Lopez, Danielle Ordonez, Monica Hernandez, Olivia Aristizábal, and Zsuzsanna Malomhegyi showing off their ridiculously hot bodies for this anniversary celebration. It's certainly better than any anniversary party I've ever been to, well, maybe short of the time Mike's House of Ladies gentleman's club celebrated their fifth year after the big fire in my hometown. That was kind of nuts. But Soho's virtual party is clearly a strong second. Enjoy.

(Special gracias to EgoReader 'Alejo' who loves Colombian women almost as much as me.)

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