Ellie Goulding See-Through Nippletastic Picture Means This Is Going to Be A Wonderful Week

There I go again being positive. I think because I just had my birthday and I'm still alive and kicking, something most people who knew me growing up didn't expect to be the case. I like to surprise people. Not quite as merrily as Britty singing sensation Ellie Goulding does in this photos from Flaunt magazine. If I'm not mistaken, Ellie's top is quite see-through and I can see where babies dine-in. And, it is quite nice.

There's nothing wrong with some nipple flashes on a Monday morning, when the week is beginning, the motors are still a bit rusty from way too much weekending slothing and debauchery. Sometimes, a shot of pretty woman flashing her body parts is just the kickstarter we need. It's certainly working for me. Welcome to Monday on Egotastic!

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