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Emily Ratajkowski Topless Behind the Scenes of Her Galore Photoshoot (VIDEO)

Just when I thought I had shaken the gloriously gifted hot Emily Ratajkowski from at least my conscious obsession mode, we have a chance to see her behind the scenes of her topless and outrageously lust inducing Galore magazine photoshoot. The one with Emily in a fur coat and not much else that drove us bananas just a week ago.

I'm not sure there's any girl hotter in Tinsel Town than Emily Ratajkowski at the moment. I tend to stay away from superlatives, and god knows I am in full on lust with a million and one sextastic celebrities, but Emily has climbed the alluring ladder about five rungs at a time this past year or so. Whatever we can do to spread the Ratajkowski name from house to house, we shall do. It is kind of our duty. Enjoy.

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