Helena Christensen Topless Veteran Hotness Appears in Futureclaw Magazine

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Futureclaw was my superhero name when I was in first grade and me and my buddies all decided to form our own Superfriends powerhouse. I had a trowel sticking out of my sleeve where my hand should've been and I could turn invisible at-will. I never really thought through the logic of being able to turn invisible save for this metal trowel sticking out of my arm. That might give the bad guys an easy eye to spot me. I suppose this is why Futureclaw always died in our first episodes.

But, current Futureclaw, as in the magazine, has far more super powers than I could have ever imagined, like getting the original Danish Delight, Helena Christensen, topless in a pictorial in their current edition. One of the original supermodels, Helena really has not lost a step in the sextastic department, still showing off all the skills that made her one of the top models in the world for so many years. Plus, her sweet melons. Now that really is super. Enjoy.

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