Humpday Huzzah! Kelly Andrews Topless Black Lingerie Hotness for Absolute Female Bodily Perfection

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As we reach the milestone midpoint of the workweek, we turn our attention formerly on sextastic celebrity bodies and turn for a moment to even hotter bolder more bodacious views of some of the finest ladies in the world without their clothes on. Why? Because we like it. A lot. As we do Kelly Andrews who is just all kinds of ridiculously hot and just the perfect object d' lust as she slowly removes hardly barely there bits of lingerie right down to her epic bare body.

It's not just that boobs make the world go round, it's that they actually make each 24-hour cycle of rotation around the sun that much more worth partaking in. On this Humpday, let us give a short moment of semi-silent exasperated thanks for the sweet delights of ladies like Kelly who make everything better. Huzzah!

(For all your Kelly Andrews hotness needs, be sure to visit the official Kelly Andrews modeling site.)

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