Humpday Huzzah! Lucy Collett Topless in Black Lingerie and Stockings for Some Nighttime Fun in the Daytime

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This isn't just any Humpday, this is the Humpday before the holiday where everything goes boom. So why not a little boom in our midweek celebration of all things gloriously chesty with some ginger black lingerie and stocking treats from our heavily belusted Lucy Collett.

Now, every week I tell you something about how you deserve to absorb these visual treats because of all your hard work and life-living endurance. Meh, I don't really know if your lazy ass has been on the couch since Monday eating Bugles (god, I miss those days). So, today, instead, I'd just like to dedicate this HH to the DD's of Lucy Collett and the glorious contribution she makes to the procreative urges that keep our species populating this planet in a time when reproducing seems ever so much like an expensive chore.

Cheers to you, Lucy, for what you do with that curvy, all-woman body of yours. It is evolutionary. Huzzah!

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