Jenny McCarthy Is Going to Be on 'The View'; Let's View More of Her Totally Nekkid

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Do you see what I did just there? Someday, my Pulitzer Prize has to be coming right? I'm not just dreaming. Though I am once again fantasizing about Jenny McCarthy. Not so much when she's talking, as she will now be officially soon as the new co-host on The View, but more so when she's just butt-nekkid, as she was recently and originally on the pages of Playboy in the early 90's as her first great career move. No Playboy, no View two decades later. I'm willing to make that connection.

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Thanks to our friend at PlayboyPlus for yet another, deeper, richer, more less clothed look at Jenny's original Playboy magazine Playmate shoot, simply one of the stellar efforts from the Bunny magazine through the years. There's simply no doubt that Jenny McCarthy, was, still is, one upper echelon looking woman. Still, you'd have to pay me in an endless stream of gold coins to get me to watch one minute of The View.

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