Jessica Davies and Charlotte Spring Topless for a Wimbledon Done Edition of Mammarial Mondays

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Wow, Wimbledon is finally over. If your neck isn't sore from trying to look up the skirts of half the women's tennis players in the world the past couple of weeks, then I question exactly what sport you're watching? A girl from France eventually beat a girl from Germany, while a guy from England Scotland won for the first time since before WWII. That's the news, but back to the real sport. Girl watching.

It's a definitely a worthwhile activity in women's tennis these days. But leave it to our friends at Zoo magazine and delicious grass court beauties Jessica Davies and Charlotte Springer to turn it into a true A-plus visual wonderment.

There's no better way to start out the week then with the faptastic funbags of two thematically grooving young ladies with a passion for the sport of kings and gentleman oglers everywhere. Enjoy.

(Definitely watch Jessica and Charlotte behind the scenes of their topless tennis photoshoot video on

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