Kristen Stewart in a See-Through Tank Top for the Good Citizens of Glendale

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Kristen Stewart is in somewhat of a confused state these days. She was so angry for so long but she always had her supportive aloof boyfriend to support her in her rebel without a case mindset. Now, he's gone and she seems a bit adrift. Is she a serious thespian, is she a international fashionista, is she a girl who still wants to be checked out by guys? Well, until I hear otherwise, I'm going with the latter.

Frowns aside, wearing a see-through top around L.A. and flashing your bra when you look like Kristen Stewart, not to mention, you are actually Kristen Stewart, you're going to get noticed. As we did. I'd suggest a burqa perhaps if she wants less of a visual follow, though I hope she rejects my advice. I still think she's hot. Even if that ideas makes her even angrier. Enjoy.

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