Landscape Gets Boobtastic: Nipple Mountain

If there's a mound every guy would want to climb, it's the pair that's attached to the female body. Making that 'climb' literal though, is artist and lighting designer Bruce Munro. He had a hill to work with (yes, we mean an actual hill) and with some light amd ingenuity, he turned into into a giant boob.

You can only fully appreciate the beauty of the Nipple Mountain at night, with the moonlight emphasizing the silhouette of the mound and the bright pinkish nipple-slash-light glowing right at its peak.

So it's actually called 'Beacon on the Hill' and is part of Cancerkin's campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer. But Nipple Mountain has a better ring to it, doesn't it?

The nipple will grace the peak of the 228-meter high hill located in South-West England, but it'll make its way to the United States soon.

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