Lauren Wood Topless Striptease Introduces Herself Right On for Ta-Ta-Tuesday

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You know how this goes. I can't show you a fabulous pair of funbags without some guy named 'Deron' insisting that I am insulting a large group of people by not sharing the hot bodily delights of model Lauren Wood. Kind of out of the blue those letters are. But they are never wrong in their assumption (spelling is another matter, but who am I to judge that?). Lauren Wood is one seemingly supremely underrated glamour model, at least judging by her little patio striptease here, complete with some butt-in-your-face shots that really make life worth living.

On Tuesdays, we celebrate the round mounts of happiness that are the answered to requests of all those pennies you threw in the fountain as a kid.  At least, that's what I thought of when I tossed them over my shoulder. Lauren Wood has got the prayers answered look all over her, I mean, all over. Enjoy.

(To check out much more of Lauren, visit the Official Lauren Wood interactive site on the world wide web.)

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