Lizzi Pinanez Covered Topless Wonderments Arrive in the Mail

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I haven't opened my actual snail mailbox in over five years. I'm not sure where it all goes, but I know there's never anything good in it. Not since my Aunt Patty stopped sending me two dollars in an envelope in every month that ended in an 'R' because she was a highly superstitious woman. Never question the supernatural when you get two GWs each month because of it. But email, that's a different story. I love email. Sure, there's all those fake emergency messages insisting I give them my personal information to prevent a cataclysm, and that poor lady in Nigeria still can't find anybody to help her with her gold mine claim, but, for the most part, I find so many gems in my Inbox. Like a letter from Paraguayan hottie Lizzi Pinanez, who saw herself on the pages of Egotastic! and thought, heck, your readers deserve a little more Lizzi. And, heck yeah we do.

While we must suffice with some covered topless additions to our emerging Lizzi Pinanez bodily bandwagon fan club today, I suspect, if we ask nicely, super nicely, en español, perhaps this Sudamericana beauty will oblige. You never know what will arrive in your email if you only dare to dream. Enjoy.

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