Lucy Pinder Topless Black Body Suit Unwrapping

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I will unapologetically state that if I were building an ark for the next big flood, I'd make sure that Lucy Pinderwas aboard the vessel for human repopulation following the retreat of the waters. So, make that me, Lucy, and about  ten to twenty other perfect specimens of female-hood who would undertake this prodigious task. I'm fully committed to this venture.

Just look at the ridiculously hot Lucy Pinder in this black body suit striptease and tell me you'd have any trouble reproducing the species in rapid fire format if Lucy were walking around your making-of-the-sexy corner in your hut. The full ripe body alone bespeaks of fertility perhaps never seen before in human history save for Catholic high school girls I knew who used to become with-child just from getting to second base. Ah, Lucy, our 117 children together will have your looks and my, well, my Fantastic Four edition #4 mint condition. They will be as gods. Enjoy.

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